Happy Valium


A few months back I entered a competition known as the crate diggers death match. It was a strange competition that pitted producers of different styles against one another in an Iron Chef like way. One of the organizers and competitors of the Death Match was an artist named Doc Popular.

Doc Popular seems like an all around good guy, he's a yo-yo champion, a hand made craft creator, and a musician. Awhile back he asked me to remix a track from his new album Me Geek Pretty One Day. Of course I initially said no but changed my mind because I got an unexpected vacation from work.

The track I worked on was called Happy Valium. I actually chose to remix the song without listening to the original first so that I could get a clearer vision of where to take it. It was strange, when the accapella first came over the speakers thoughts of an old favorite popped into my head, De La Soul's "Roller Skating Jam named Saturday". This song, produced by Prince Paul one of my all time influences, has a great laid back vibe that is perfect for rollerskating in circles to.

With the De La track in mind I dug through some of my samples that were already chopped and never used and found just what I was looking for, which is the main portion of the loop. I threw in an intro from a pharmaceutical companies webcast (since it fit the point of the song) a siren, a drum break, and some levitra commercial snippets and called it a day. That's pretty much the story behind the song.

Of course after remixing the track I checked the Drown Radio album in detail while on a trip to Maryland and found that it was full of suprises. To me it represents Doc Popular to the fullest, it is electronic based with acoustic touches, it's digital but made with a human feel. It's like digital craft project made by hand. It features a little bit of everything from circuit bending to singing. The hottest track to me is LOLCatz, which is playing on the funny Lolcatz site.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this album, it's only $8 and you'll support a true independent artist in the process.


  1. Thanks for the kind words and support man, I love the remix. Not sure what I should do with it, but I got one from Snake Eyes too (he did NerdSong).

    BTW, I was asked to dj at the Laughing Squid party a few weeks ago. My lappy died a few hours before the event so I had to borrow a friend's and just play stuff from his iTunes. I couldn't find much, so I went on line and downloaded some CDDM albums. I played a couple of your jams and it sounded great with the large crowd and booming speakers. I wish you could'a heard it.


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