Rock The Vote: This Ain't The NH Primary

No, I'm not talking about the primary elections here, I'm talking about something much more important: voting for the best song in the Crate Digger Death Match. You can vote HERE, my song "It's True They Have Elevators" was going back and forth for first place with Bomarr of Anticon Fame.

We both currently have more votes than Bill Richardson received in NH but that's for discussion on somebody else's blog. Right now is also a good time to thank everyone who has voted for me, from the beginning I figured there was no chance to win the popular vote so win or lose it will feel good to know we made a contest out of it.

I'm not asking everyone to vote for me but at least vote for someone because finishing the album was a difficult endeavor. Only 7 producers completed the task and they all deserve props for kicking some major booty. My personal favorite single is from Snake Eyes, his song is unbelievable. Also while you're there DL Doctor Popular's album, he had some technical issues but finished the next day. Very dope album.

The fan vote is 1/5 of the final score, the other 4/5 belong to the 4 human judges that will be announcing the winner on Friday.

If you don't know what I'm talking about read the previous post, it talks all about the contest.

Also if you're thinking of subscribing to this blog I'll give you a synopsis of what it's about: Everyone listens to music and has music linked to memories and specific moments in lives. This blog is going to talk about the music that I make and how it connects to my life. Basically it's the soundtrack of my life or "This is the score" of my life.

Plus If you visit you'll constantly get free original mp3's and albums and I've heard my music is great as background music when nobody is listening.


  1. Don't sell yourself short homeslice! Your track is rightfully in 1st place, and the whole album is tight, with a great flow, great concept, and excellent beats. Stands on its own regardless of the contest, time limits etc.

    Kick ass.


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